If we look at the Vinyasa (cycle) of the year, now is the time to take extra care of yourself.
The last beautiful Super Blue Blood Moon created the perfect setting to let go of what does not serve us and to look at what we need. I have come to learn that Self Care does not come naturally to everybody including myself.

Perhaps you recognize yourself. My character tends to place other peoples needs first. This obviously gives me the sense of fulfillment. The danger is that I run dry, without energy to even give to myself or child. Yoga has supported me a long way. I listen to the needs of my body and basic needs and rituals are a constant part of my life now.

But Self Care is an art and goes further than the basic needs. It is now my intention to give myself more then I give others. It is my need that I have enough to give to my children, husband, friends, students and still obtain an abundance of Prana (Life force energy) for myself.

How? I plan my Self Care. If you feel you are not a planner, we can absolutely shake hands!
But seeing self care is not my default setting I have come to find out that I have to plan these moments in my diary/day.

If you recognize yourself in the above and find that you tend to place the need of other before your own. Take your time to read The Art and “S” of Self care below.

For the next 7 days I will be releasing the “Self Care” program that consists of a series of tips to help you take care of yourself at a deeper level. The tips consist of yoga, breathing & meditation exercises and matching essential oils.

Add Self Care to your daily routine for the next 7 days and be reminded via email.
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When busy with a certain activity take a moment to surrender to the present moment.
Observing your breath, letting go by exhaling deeply and listening to what your body needs.
This is the most important step. Through this the rest will follow, you will not skip that bathroom break or meal. It will create more peace in your daily life. Start implementing this moment every hour. Soon this will become natural.

How to Surrender;

Place your hands in Anjali Mudra (Position of prayer in front of your heart)
Inhale and while exhaling bow your head to your heart. Turning inwards, connecting your head with heart. Take the moment to listen to what your heart tells you.
Click here for a visual at my Instagram account.

Essential oil 
Sandalwood, is an excellent oil supporting during your moment of surrendering.
It supports during meditation because of it’s grounding and uplifting properties.

Contact me for more information about essential oils and how they can support you.
Next live wellness consultations and essential oil class will take place on the 12th of March in Almere Buiten at The Food Press.

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