The Art of Self Care is making sure you rest enough.
Go to bed at a decent time. Have a healthy bedtime routine.
Not watching on your phone or computer till late hours.
If you have a job that does not leave you the choice.
Take time to wind down. Rest your eyes for ten minutes before you go to sleep with soaked cotton pads in rose water. Massage your feet with your important oils. This so you have a better quality of night sleep. Take a 20 minute nap during the day if you get the chance. Recharge that battery.

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How to Rest;


Lying in Savasana (Corps pose) gives your body and mind the chance to relax. By bringing your awareness to each body part while exhaling you will feel how you immerse in the present moment, letting go and getting into a state of complete relaxation. You could always place a bolster under your knees, to help you release the tension in your lower back.

Essential oil

I absolutely love rubbing my feet with the Serenity essential oil blend before going to bed. It relaxes me, gives me a feeling of peace and during pregnancy even helped with my restless legs. Other oils that I use to give a sense of relaxation are; Lavender, Sandalwood and the Balance blend.

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