Forgive yourself for the past. Let go and live now. Being present will attune you to your needs right now. Don’t stay stagnant, but stay in the flow of your life. Take your time, small steps are all you need to start implementing The Art of Self Care.

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How to Forgive;


Balasana (child’s pose) is a beautiful pose close to the earth. Allowing you to let go while exhaling letting those fall away from you in to the earth, which can transform this energy into that which the earth needs. Close and turning within holding your inner child forgiving the past and once gently coming upwards feeling renewed and present in the current moment.

Essential oil

Forgive Touch was developed to help you discover the liberating action of forgiving, forgetting, and moving on.
The herbaceous, fresh, and woody aroma promotes feelings of contentment and relief, creating a path to let go of burdens and guilt. You can rub it over your heart to help you forgive yourself and others.

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