Eat nutritious home cooked food. Take the time to cook yourself that meal.
This is also an act of love for yourself. The yogi’s believe we take on the energy the food was cooked with.

So if you get take-away a lot, this would mean you are taking on the energy of that person who perhaps is having an annoyed day. If you feel rushed or don’t have the time. Make sure you meal prep. Prepare your meals and when you do make it an enjoyable activity for yourself. Listen to your favorite music. Drink your favorite drink. Treat yourself and make sure you will be looking forward to that meal. If you really struggle with this one, ask for help. You help others and it is ok to accept help too. Or make it a joined activity, cooking with your partner or friends.

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Support for a Nutritious Meal

Now in my third trimester of pregnancy I don’t fancy going to the shop carrying around my groceries. By ordering this online I have saved a lot of time.
This has created more space for self care and time to cook.
I have ready made lists with my day to day groceries which I simply add and distract from.
It costs me around €3,- to get it delivered which I find more than worth it.

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