As you might have read in our November Newsletter we arrived in The Netherlands about two weeks ago. Being in Portugal was great. We found the location where we would like to buy land. Learned a lot about the Portuguese way of doing business, as well as their rules and regulations. The inspiration and knowledge we gained in the past 6 months will continue to help us in our search from abroad. (Find out more about the inspirational locations and people we have visited below)

Being pregnant came as a very happy surprise, but at the same time it added an unconscious pressure to our search. Due to this pressure we were hitting a lot of brick walls. To the point of finding land, but not being called back by several estate agents. Having all the papers sorted and then finding out the land was not completely owned by it’s stated owner. And many more signs that came up to show us we were swimming against a current.

Communication is very important for us in our relationship. I am so thankful we always reflect on our emotions and choices together. After talking, Richard and I realized that we both wanted to be able to completely enjoy the pregnancy.

We chose to come to the Netherlands, because we are truly impressed with the healthcare system. My wish of giving birth in water is a possibility here. Being close to my parents and friends also felt very important at this stage of life.

Arriving here we instantly entered the flow. A couple of days later I started teaching Yoga. Richard got a job and the process of becoming a Dutch citizen, was stress free and actually a quite enjoyable experience. After being hired for his job, Richard asked me to pull an Osho card. I would like to share this card with you:

Going with the flow
Every moment in life we have a choice wether to enter life’s waters and float, or to try to swim upstream. When this card appears it is an indication that you are able to float now, trusting that life will support you in your relaxation and take you exactly where it wants you to go. Allow this feeling of trust and relaxation to grow more and more; everything is happening exactly as it should.

This was our reminder to Relax and Create! I would love to hear what reminds you?

Thank you for reading our Blog.


People and locations that have inspired us in Portugal: