For Inner Freedom & Complete Relaxation

Due to Covid-19 I have had to postpone my retreat plans this year. So I have been contemplating how I can bring you this retreat feeling out of the comfort of your own home.
I have created a very special online program with which you can enjoy inner freedom and complete relaxation.

Learn amazing self care rituals you can start to implement in your daily life.

Get energy from the ( optional live or watch when it suits you) Yoga class connecting to your divine self.

Receive my favorite, easy and wholesome recipes which you can prepare in advance so you feel pampered on the day.

Receive a personal affirmation that aligns with your intention.
Special created meditation and mindfulness practices to listen on the go.

You are able to access the content at a time that suits you or connect with me live on Summer Solstice.
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Self Care Ritual

The Art of Abhyangam – An Ayurvedic Massage

This beautiful ritual strengthens our mental and physical health.
During this retreat you will learn how to implement this ritual according to your needs.
After you finished the self massage a warm bath or shower is recommended.

  • Abhyangam improves the immune system of the body.
  • Strengthens the body and helps for a good night sleep.
  • Detoxification.
  • Nourishes your body.
  • Helps beat fatigue.
  • Has a rejuvenating effect and reduces pain.

To practice you will need Sesame seed oil if you are Vata or Kapha structure and Coconut oil for Pitta. You will receive a test to find out your structure in case you might not know.

Out of the comfort of your own home

Find that perfect spot where you feel comfortable while watching the program online. The program will be brought to you via Webinar Geek.
All you need is a good internet connection. It is possible to watch from your pad or phone however Webinar Geek recommends following it from a laptop. You will receive a replay link from every class.
So you can watch it at a later time. This link will be permanently available to you. If you get the chance to watch it real time, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and connect with me live.
If not know that you can always connect with me afterwards.  

Lunar Flow Yoga & Meditation Class

During this retreat we will be practicing Lunar Yoga and Meditation a gentle flow connected to the elements of life and nature.
The goal during these classes is to let go of stresses and worries and be connected to the present moment. This while experiencing inner freedom and complete relaxation. Even though this retreat is virtual you will have the opportunity to get personalized attention via questions that can be asked during classes. There will be time to explore new or learn new ways of practicing old Asana’s.

It is my wish to inspire you to practice yoga as a ritual that can be incorporated into your daily life. I will guide you and give you tools to help you achieve this. – Sandra

If you feel overwhelmed by what life is asking of you. Take a time-out and choose for you! Can’t leave the house due to the worlds present situation, create this retreat for yourself.

Choose relaxation, fun, a connection with like minded individuals and explore the movement and connection to breath within your body.

Relax and Create the sense of freedom within your body and life! Catch the wave of Bliss with me!

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Personal Investment

The price for this Virtual Retreat is €15,- per person

This is excluding the oils needed for the Rituals and other ingredients such as the meals you create yourself.

Cancellation Policy:
In case of cancellation there is no refund. You will have booked your spot by paying the full amount of this virtual retreat.

Statement of Responsibility:
Each individual is responsible for the ultimate care and oversight of their wellbeing.
The organization of Relax & Create / Sukha Wave cannot be held responsible for any physical and / or psychological harm.

What is included?

  • A how to Abhyangam Massage class
  • A how to make your altar before practicing yoga
  • Pdf Dosha test (find out your personal structure)
  • Lunar Vinyasa flow class (1,5 hour duration)
  • 3 Recipes of my favorite Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner which you can create the day before for the ultimate retreat feeling.
    They are easy yet delicious and very wholesome.
  • An audio Meditation class which you can enjoy on the go.
  • Content availability after this retreat has been hosted.
  • Fun journalling moment to connect with your heart.
  • Enough time to relax and enjoy the present moment.


Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner in Sandra’s class everyone can get the most possible out of it. Sandra is paying attention to everyone, giving hints to improve your position and giving great alternatives when a certain position is not good for you.
Feeling rejuvenated and relaxed you can carry on with the rest of the week.
The moment you walk into the room of the lesson there is a good and positive atmosphere.

A passionate yoga teacher, completely dedicated and thoughtful! Her classes are very grounded without without abandoning the spiritual connection which is inherent in a complete yoga practice.