Relax and Create a Stress Free Life

We all find ourselves stuck in our mind from time to time. Forgetting about our natural state of mind which is peace. Due to our city lifestyle our mind has to cope with being in a constant state of fight and flight. Sadly it is this state that causes chronic stress. Which goes on too having back pains, head aches, bad skin, early aging just to mention a few small symptoms. When was the last time you took that moment of peace for yourself? That moment where your mind is not in control of you, but you of your mind.

In this workshop you will learn techniques that will help you during all those moments of stress in life.
You will learn to re-connect with your breathing.
You will learn exercises that will create a sense of freedom in your body and mind.

You will be able to take these techniques home and incorporate them into your daily life. This can be from 5 sec or 5 minutes every day extending it to the time that you prefer. There is no must and no stress. Just a method to create your natural state of being.

Module I

In this module you will learn the Prana Vayus (the 5 movements of breath)
This technique will help you find a moment of peace at any time of the day. We will incorporate this in an active yoga sequence. Through this exercise you will experience what it is like to control your mind and not be controlled by your mind.
We will end this module in total relaxation, you will learn certain pressure points in your body which will release tension.

Module II

In this module you will learn a meditation technique with which you will be able to re-connect with your body and mind. Finding peace within yourself.
The exercises you will learn are specially created to release tension in your shoulders, neck and back. These exercises will help you get rid of body and head aches.
We will end this module with a total body relaxation, through a body scan also called the yoga sleep. Through tensing each muscle individually you will be able to release and feel completely relaxed.

Stay tuned, dates will be known soon!