Living Yoga

Experience the Yoga lifestyle during a retreat. Connected with like minded individuals who inspire. I organize international retreats. Each retreat has a theme which encourages you to work on a certain aspect of yourself as well as learn how to incorporate the knowledge in your daily life. Retreats can be in the middle of nowhere connected to nature as well as in the middle of a vibrant city. It is my goal to create relaxing, stress free, healing and especially enjoyable retreats. 

The Palma City Retreat was absolutely fabulous, great yoga, great teachings, great accomodation, great outings, great food — an alround wonderful experience! – Beata Wiggen, Almere, The Netherlands

Welness Nomads

Together with Mercedes Leon from the Art of Healthy Cooking we host retreats where homemade wholefood plantbased foods and Yoga are combined. During these retreats you get to feel how Yoga and the right yet delicious nutrition goes hand in hand.

Magical Location

As a past travel consultant I absolutely love finding a location that fits within the theme of the retreat. I look for unknown gems and work together with small companies or individuals to create the most personal experience. Making you feel at home away from home…

The Program

Each Retreat has a different topic or program. It is a priority to create the perfect balance between classes and activities as well as time to be able to retrieve, proces and relax. In depth Yoga lifestyle classes, relaxation practices, meditation, activities in nature are all recurring elements.

Retreat Meals

There are retreats where a locally sourced brunch is included and you will be free to go experience the amazing restaurants and café’s in the neighborhood for dinner. During a Wellness Nomad retreat you will be guaranteed three delicious and inspiring homemade whole food plant based meals a day.

Summer Solstice Virtual Retreat…

For Inner Freedom & Complete Relaxation

This retreat is created for you to let go. To recharge your battery and practice self care.
This retreat is that oxygen mask you put on before you safe everyone next to you. All this out of the comfort of your own home.

Nourish yourself

Yoga and Self love practices
During this retreat we will be practicing Lunar Yoga and Meditation a gentle flow connected to the elements of life and nature.
The goal during these classes is to let go of stresses and worries and be connected to the present moment.  Designed for its nourishing, healing, strengthening effect.

The rituals will be to acknowledge your Self and learn to implement daily Self Care. 

Learn the Art of Abhyangam – An Ayurvedic Massage
This beautiful ritual strengthens our mental and physical health.
During this retreat you will learn how to implement this ritual according to your needs.

During this retreat I want you to feel carried.

I acknowledge your strength and hard work as a female leader in this world.
I want to help you create a sacred space where you can let go and be charged.

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