Mercedes Leon
Cyrille van Poucke

The Foodpress

We are the dreamers of The Food Press in Almere Buiten.

Mercedes: for the las 25 years my passion for cooking has been inspired by my desire to transform wholesome plant-based ingredients into delicious and festive dishes. The Food Press has become my canvas, a place where I share my love for food and where people come together to enjoy life through foods.

Cyrille: throughout my life music has been my passion and delicious healthy foods a joy. Being a co-creator of The Food Press has allowed me to create a beautiful location with my own two hands as well as to share my love for a wide array of music with our Food Press community. Collecting a variety of music to share in The Food Press is a way of sharing my passion and creating a place where people feel happy to be.

The Food Press is creating a community of lovers of good food in Almere Buiten

Gwendolyn Beermann
Summum Beautysalon

Beata Wiggen
Encouraging Works

Carol Williams
Soul Essentials