All my life I can remember rebelling against boundaries. Even just thinking about the word causes a chill to run down my spine. However being a mom from a toddler I am realizing the importance of creating a safe environment for my son to be free. When I create boundaries it gives him a sense of direction and he is happier.

This took me back to India my time in the Ashram. Rules and regulations applied. The day had a set schedule of activities and the space was limited and surrounded by a huge wall. Separating us from the jungle with lions. I think this was the most restricted time of my life. After rebelling for about two weeks, I gave in to it. I gladly say that I had never felt so at peace and free in my life. Now I love living in the western world with all it’s “freedom”. I believe that right now it is my life’s purpose to not elude this.

So how can I feel free and come back to being at peace. As a “Mamapreneur” I can create my daily schedule, yes that is a sense of freedom. However it causes me to feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by everything that has to be done. By implementing a daily schedule (think ashram) it gives me freedom.

Moments of stillness where no-thing exists give me peace. Only with peace can I enjoy the freedom. But to create these moments I have to plan them in my day.

I do realize that I can’t always stick to my planned day. That is where a certain flexibility comes in. The art of moving with the flow. But the boundaries I create are there and moving within them and knowing I can fall back unto them gives me freedom.

On the yoga mat the same rule applies for me. My Yoga mat is the boundary. My breath creates freedom and when I retain my breath it is still. I plan my practice and listen to the flow of my body. I relax or not, but experience freedom.

I love how observing my practice on the mat it creates tools for off the mat.

Bringing it off the mat:

  • What would your daily plan look like? tip. If you have a steady job look for moments within those hours where you have space.
  • Create moments of stillness, like observing your breath for 5 min.
  • What are your daily boundaries? Are there ways of making tasks fun?
  • Perform each task mindfully. Example; When brushing your teeth, that is all you are doing. Bring your mind back to how you are stroking your teeth and what your toothpaste tastes like.

Are you interested in finding out what my daily plan looks like?

Would you like to get tips on how to create more freedom in your daily life?

Let me know by clicking here and I would love to share it with you!

Wish you a lovely free and peaceful day,



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