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As a young girl I suffered a lot from chronic asthma attacks. I was soon taught to breathe through my abdomen. This technique has helped me during many sleepless nights. With my Yoga practice I was able to learn additional breathing techniques. Techniques that when practiced with discipline helped me overcome asthma completely. Being an […]

Going with the Flow

As you might have read in our November Newsletter we arrived in The Netherlands about two weeks ago. Being in Portugal was great. We found the location where we would like to buy land. Learned a lot about the Portuguese way of doing business, as well as their rules and regulations. The inspiration and knowledge […]

My path with Yoga

I had the luck to travel at a young age. I left the Netherlands when I was eighteen years old. Tenerife and Mallorca were the beautiful islands where I started to discover my path. After working more then twelve hours a day in Mallorca, my body and mind could not take the pressure anymore. This […]