Hi, I am Sandra Wilson!

Your Yoga Lifestyle Coach.

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Yoga as a Lifestyle

Don’t you just love that feeling after a yoga class, meditation workshop or spa day?
That feeling where you feel really light and completely relaxed. But as the day goes on you slowly feel it disappear. Perhaps you are lucky and it lasts till the next day. Then daily stresses take over and before you know it you feel tension returning to your body and the clarity of your mind changes back into a fog. 

Yoga is a lifestyle and it offers the tools for you to be able to return to that relaxed state of mind at any time. 

With the proper nutrition, meditation and relaxation, breathing techniques and yogic exercise it is possible to experience the state you feel after class every day. 

I am here to guide you on your yogic path. As your Yoga Lifestyle Coach it is my passion to offer you the correct tools. So you too can live a life where you are in tune with your boundaries, feel relaxed and have peace of mind daily. As well as be connected to the elements of nature.
For a vibrant, healthy and happy life!

Come catch the Sukha Wave with me!

About me

It is my purpose to inspire awareness. The awareness that it is possible to live a happy life carried by a beautiful wave of knowledge and tools that are offered within the yogic lifestyle. I share these tools via coaching, classes, workshops and retreats.

What I can do for you

Events & Classes

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  • Weekly Classes

    Tuesday 20.00 – 21.15
    Vinyasa All levels class
    (Starting 10th of September)

    Wednesday 9.30 – 10.45
    SolLuna Yoga

    Wednesday 20.00 – 21.15
    Sivananda Yoga

    Thursday 20.00 – 21.15
    Gentle Vinyasa

  • Yoga a lifestyle class

    More information following soon..

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