Mercedes Leon
Cyrille van Poucke

The Foodpress

We are the dreamers of The Food Press in Almere Buiten.

Mercedes: for the las 25 years my passion for cooking has been inspired by my desire to transform wholesome plant-based ingredients into delicious and festive dishes. The Food Press has become my canvas, a place where I share my love for food and where people come together to enjoy life through foods.

Cyrille: throughout my life music has been my passion and delicious healthy foods a joy. Being a co-creator of The Food Press has allowed me to create a beautiful location with my own two hands as well as to share my love for a wide array of music with our Food Press community. Collecting a variety of music to share in The Food Press is a way of sharing my passion and creating a place where people feel happy to be.

The Food Press is creating a community of lovers of good food in Almere Buiten

Gwendolyn Beermann
Summum Beautysalon

Evalien Slinkert
Girl on a Mission

Having a relaxed and flexible state of being is the base of happiness for Evalien. Since years she has been researching methods to achieve this. She would like to share her knowledge in a simple way with everybody, so they can experience a happier state of being and more energy. She is able to do so as owner of her company Girl on a Mission.

Evalien and Sandra have organized the Surfing Yogi Trip 2013 & 2014 edition in Portugal.

It is Evalien’s life purpose to enjoy doing what makes her happy and add value to the world around her.

Beata Wiggen
Encouraging Works

Carol Williams
Soul Essentials